Our main distinctive feature is the development of BIM (Building Information Modeling), which allows us to have a clear vision and the necessary tools to improve the process of designing, constructing, and managing data for infrastructure and building projects, thus providing customers with cost-effective services.

All through the creation of an intelligent 3D model.



All the work we do is modeled in 3D, helping customers save time and increase the efficiency of their design process. We also provide high-quality project visualization through virtual tours and 360° views for end-users.



At BASORT, specialists and experts for each of the areas we develop are constantly training and innovating to improve the design process.


At BASORT, architects, engineers, modelers, and specialists work to offer a quality product that allows investors and clients to make better-informed decisions. We offer both specialty architectural services and scalable schemes that adapt to the client’s needs.


What is BIM?

BIM consists of generating a database to recreate a virtual pre-construction where all unified and coherent data are gathered. It allows clients to anticipate issues and arrive at the construction site with a detailed perspective, reducing costs, saving time, and assuring quality.


Architectural design

We specialize in all types of architectural concepts and models, and we can meet the highest levels of demand, turning ideas into reality with BIM methodology.


Structural engineering

We execute structural engineering works at distinct levels—from layouts for licensing procedures to detailed engineering in virtual models and executive projects of any scale.


Mechanical and electrical installations

We design facilities, worksites, equipment, and ductwork to carry out fire protection works and hydraulic, sanitary, pluvial, or other mechanical-electrical installations.


Site supervision

Site control and adherence to virtual schedules allows us to have an accurate vision of what is happening during a construction. In addition, design errors are detected before the start of construction, thus saving the client’s time and money. BIM Supervision monitors and tracks the progress of a construction project, becoming the determining factor of success.


Special installations

We develop system plans and technologies to implement voice and data systems, CCTV, access controls, alarms, among other specialties.



Site control and adherence to virtual schedules allows us to have an accurate vision of what is happening during a construction. Design errors are also prevented, thus saving our clients’ time and capital.


With real-time rendering techniques, high-end video game engineering, and the participation of Astatine Studios, we can convert architectural plans into 3D models, videos, 360° views, and a virtual environment that can be explored by the end-user.

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Our mission is to provide our clients with top-quality design and calculation services.


At BASORT, our vision for 2030 is to be recognized as one of Mexico’s leading design groups with singular prominence in the State of Querétaro.


In BASORT we promote values that define the character of our company, which are: Honesty, Respect, Quality, Our People, Trust, Responsibility, and Teamwork.

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